We need the energy and creativity of the young to drive a vibrant democracy in our nations...

1 John 2:14, “I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one”.

On Monday September 15 2014 brought forth another year for the celebration of democracy worldwide, a day set aside by United Nations General Assembly of 2007 as the International Day of Democracy- with the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy.

Democracy is an ideal that aims at expressing the free will of a people in determining their fate in the world we live; their style if governance, institutions to be evolved, and the constitution they want and how they plan to achieve their collective goals as groups, states, councils, districts and nations. It gives everyone a sense of belonging and stake in the whole governmental process while still achieving a concerted vision. It is a form of synergy among a people and in fact it is the power they have to exercise their rights of self determination, success and achievements.

In the words of a great president, “It is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. In essence no democracy can thrive without an involvement of the sovereignty of their people. When there is no vision (democracy), the people perish (Pro. 29:18). Democracy therefore paves way for creating a vision that will eventually uplift the people.

For this year’s celebration an interesting and timely theme was chosen, “engaging youth on democracy”. There is a cliché that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but times and events have proved that the youth can actually decide the future from today.

The youthful age is the foundation and formative season of every man’s life; therefore it is a crucial stage for every man or woman. It is when one has the ability to adopt and drop some habits, choose a life pattern, imbibe a culture or attitude that will live with him/her for the rest of their lives.

A striking feature of any youth is energy, vibe, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation and drive. It is an elastic stage when every destiny is molded.

The world today is in need of creativity and innovation to meet her daunting challenges and the best people who will bring in much of that are the young ones who are saturated with the energy to go the extra mile for a need to be met. In as much as we need the older generations to advice and guide these young ones there is still little they can do. They now are limited in how far they can go. What we need from them right is mentoring, guidance, teaching of the rudiments while the greater task the youths can tackle it with their youthful strength.

Governance at any level is incomplete without the energy of  young minds who know the challenges that face his generation. The young ones must just participate; build capacity and impact lives while he still can. It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth (Lam. 3:27).

The story of a man is at its peak in the days of his youth. It is pertinent therefore that nations give their youths an opportunity to solve problems, build their lives and leave a good legacy for the future while there is still time.

Happy International Democracy Day!!!


When Words Become Seeds…

Hey good day to you, am just hoping this piece doesn’t make you my enemy. Please pardon me if it offends or paints a picture of your kind of person. Now to the gist I have for you.

My upbringing really gave me a unique and strange perspective about life. There are some things that people do to me or others that really turns me off. They just make me start thinking common sense is not common at all.

I have seen people borrow stuffs from others, obviously the common thing is money. They come to you like the whole world is on them, pitifully, humbled and seemingly timid. Definitely they say, remember “they said”; they would pay back at a specific time, so their words now binds on them to keep true with it. Days or months to pay and they now put the cash to use, hopefully to pay back or dubiously just fooled their benefactor.


My turn off now is pay day has come and the borrower is nowhere to be found; in fact they don’t come to explain why they might not meet the deadline. Isn’t that annoying. Gosh! It can drive one crazy that’s if you share my perspective on this.

Fleshing it out. Your benefactor did you a favour by helping you meet a need which you agreed to reciprocate in a specific time. Your word, bond, integrity is now committed, so you are to fulfil it unless you have a genuine reason not to as specified. If you then default deliberately, it just means you don’t value what you say.

Is like a seed you just planted, one of distrust, dishonesty and betrayal, so it will obviously grow in size as you keep breaking your word. What then happens at the end?

When you now blossom and is pronounced, it then becomes your identity, you are known for not paying debts. Subsequently, you lose friends and future benefactors.

Your words (seeds) just germinated. Sorry if it hurts but then… is the Truth!
Cheers *winks :)

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Like I always do every Sunday; seeing the YNaijaTV program #RubbingMinds, after listening to their guest artiste Terry G say he likes controver, I just thought that everyone of us enjoys controversy. Okay don’t kill me yet, I will share what i think!
The essence of most controversies is to gain attention, be recognized, talked about and to be in the news. So when people do stuffs that are considered controversial deliberately, it is basically because they feel it will give them some popularity. Controversy just means you don’t agree on issues, so there is bound to be some exchange of ideas, arguments, debates and judgments.
Now we know the end(attention) of the means(controversy).
It is no disputing fact that every man or woman loves attention, yes you and I want to be reckoned with. It might be a bad or good controversy but the point is to be the talk of the town. The end sometimes doesn’t justify the means, with the world we are in today.
So when you see people write or post stuffs on social media, whether true or false, opinionated or fact, it is because they are looking for comments, shares and likes. Based on whether the post is true,false,fact, opinionated or whatever it is already controversial once people will either agree it disagree with it. At the end you have made people look your direction.
So even as you read this post I have written, obviously I want to be heard by someone(thanks for hearing me too). Also I want you to share your views or even counteract my point, that way I would have created a controversy.
So you too can be controversial, you want reckoning just like I want you to share this post and comment. *😉
Thanks for reading!😊


The truth about Nigeria being a blessed nation with huge potentials cannot be discarded; in fact it is a truth that is self evident. Is it in natural resources, human resources, a geographical entity, name it; we have all it takes to be a world power.

In the midst of all these endowments our progress and development has not been one to be proud of. From our independence to the horror days of coups and a Civil War, one would point to these as deterrents to tangible change in our society. Irrespective of these setbacks, I believe there are quite a number of reasons our needed change might be prolonged. They are not out of this world, they are evident among us yet most of us have failed to realize it.

An Established National Creed
Nations like America whom we like to emulate in building our democracy believe in the equality of all men, liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. For over 200 years this has been embedded and made to stand the test of time. The democratic process of so many years has come to work based on the principles. Every administration upheld these and the people now live in this consciousness.

Our Nation on the other hand is not the same case. Some believe our motto; Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress should be that creed, but how has our governance style, institutions lived up to these values. Some people believe that Nigeria has never been a Nation. This explains that the Nigeria people don’t have a collective goal, a vision of the kind of Nation we all want to build. The leadership over the years has failed to carry every single Nigeria along the path of collective Nation building, guided by a national creed. It is only when we all make each citizen to have something concrete and simple to hold on to as what guides our attitude and behaviors would we then say that we have started building.


Such a creed when established and made to stand the test of time would be reflection of all and sundry. In the schools, parks, churches and mosques, this will be engraved in the minds of everyone known as Nigerian.

A divided house
Nigeria today boasts as the most populace black Nation with huge disparities in tribes and ethnicity. This sure can be advantage for all but sure since independence it has been more of a curse. There is a high level of distrust among all of us, there is this feeling of superiority that one ethnic group manifests. We are always quick to lay claim and allegiance to our tribes and ethnicity before country.

On the other hand, many years of successive military governments has created some sort of distrust between the leaders and the governed. Every leader is tagged as corrupt and the governed looked down upon as the disadvantaged.
The polarity is widening even as the level of poverty increases. The elite groups think that those below the ladder of success don’t deserve any good thing. This phenomenon and creation of our hands can be a time bomb waiting for maturity to explode if not checked.

A culture of disorder

As a country still in the process of evolving workable system, environment and nation, our attitude still does not reflect such. Suffering, poverty and all ills of a bad economy has created deficit and eroding of a culture needed for growth and development. Even among the rich, it is now a do or die thing just to make and keep up one’s reputation.

The value system is so muddy and dirty that if we continue to tread such a path, we might not get to our full potential and wealth; one requires a measure of discipline to be able to break even optimally. Some attitudes must give way for better healthy and credible ones.

The Love of Money
The good book tells us it is the root of all evil and in the Nigerian cases if not any different. The desire for more wealth has denigrated good values and integrity. Making it is all everyone wants but no one cares how he makes it, every way is allowed so long as it brings in the cash.

This alone is what has fueled every form of corruption and financial misappropriation. We have degenerated to a Nation that wants to enjoy value without actually creating real value first. In fact, integrity is almost alien among most of us.

Our challenges are not limited to these; these are just my thoughts and muses about the country to which I am one of her citizens. I am optimistic that we shall overcome.


In every journey, there gets to a point where one has to stop, take a break; ponder on certain issues that might be of great concern to him/her. It is part of life’s experience and every person one way or the other has passed through it or some still find themselves in it. Personally I haven’t been so much in a dilemma before that I really must make a crucial decision that will go a long way in my life like I am today. It is one of career path. It is not of life’s vision but on how to go about that vision.

Having completed my masters program in architecture, built capacity to write and still building, I am in a position of whether to go the way of the fathers or to man up and do something on my own volition, free will and conviction. While I serve my Nation in the compulsory National Youth Service Corps in a government parastatal that has given me little opportunities to practice my field of study, I am caught in the deep blue sea of building a career in civil service or going over to the private sector. This has been a thought that has refused to leave me and a decision that is larger than life. Yet in this my huge dilemma and crossroad I have been exposed to certain realities about people, work and my Nation Nigeria.

In trying to arrive at a decision worthwhile enough I also resorted to making consultations from people who I would say largely have been sincere in their answers but disappointing for me. Mind you am no workaholic, sometimes I get lazy but the way people really want civil service work in the name of having little to do is really alarming and a sad reason to have in mind. In as much as they claim they want to have time for themselves, most of the people I spoke to also think they can do something else alongside the lazy work that doesn’t encourage creativity in any way.

Moral Dilemma

In essence therefore, it just points to the fact that we don’t want to work at our optimum capacity for the government but we also want to make ends meet by having something else on the side. This alone doesn’t show any form of patriotism because we are ready to be lazy about that government work and still work outside in order to meet our own needs. I am not against having a business or entrepreneurship but there must be a balancing. The two endeavors contribute to nation building and to the popular GDP. For a democracy that is nascent and young we need our institutions to be up and doing and it is people that will make sure that productivity is at its peak. Working below the stipulated working hours won’t help the system at all; in fact it will give way for decadence and further decadence in the whole system.

On my own part while I am still getting over my dilemma and reaching a reasonable decision with God helping me, I would love to work for government and my people but I won’t want to be caught in the web of a bad and corrupt system. I know what you are thinking, why not I change it; too bad because one is incapacitated at the lower cadre so you can hardly do much. When you start being creative or bringing in ideas in such a system, those who have been there will start questioning you and start asking why you should be the one thinking about new ideas. The work is so regimented and does not encourage any form of creativity even from the young ones.

We really need to start rethinking our steps and actions and know if this is really what we want for the Nation. Other thriving ones weren’t built on the altar of laxity, and lack of creativity. There should be a reawakening on the true path to Nationhood regarding working out our own greatness and prosperity. Foreigners cannot build this Nation for us, it can only be built and sustained by Nigerians and is pertinent everyone realizes this- both in the public and private sectors.

My dilemma opened my eyes to some realities after all and I am glad about that. It has really reawakened the culture of work and more work in me and I am determined to continue threading such path, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rest or sleep once in a while though. My desire for you right now is that you come to learn from your dilemmas even as I have from mine. Realities can come in different forms it all depends on the source of that inspiration, maximizing that learning process is key. On that note I drop my pen… and saying…

Happy New month to you and you will have a reason to always laugh this season!


This piece is one that will benefit anyone going into business, but most importantly it will benefit the young ones who plan to build businesses in the future. Life is all about building and sustaining relationships. Every young person will meet people in schools, social gatherings, churches and mosques, communal facilities, etc. For instance in school or all through education one can have an opportunity to meet over 1000 people minimum.

Depending on one’s exposure to meeting people, before you finish schooling or even start thinking of starting your own business, you would know the bridges you would have built. Bridges take you from one place to another which is normally not possible.

Building Influence
Among the people you meet, there is a need to try and earn their recognition and respect. Be known for something, leave a footprint and give them something to remember you for. If need be, come out for leadership positions, yes people might question it but you are creating a lasting impression. Maximize every opportunity to be participatory. Spectators don’t decide the trend of the game. Even though you meet many people and don’t leave an impression on them you will soon be forgotten. So by the time you go your separate ways and start up something i.e. business your impressions of many years that have gone by will speak for you.

Maintaining Influence
After years of going apart there is a huge necessity to keep in touch. You must keep the fire burning as much as possible. Thank God for our age of technology, join social media, exchange contacts, join groups and forums. What you now do at this point is to keep up that relationship and make sure to show them how much you have grown and matured. Do well to spark up old memories, try doing this and you remind them of the “you” they use to know. This can be very hard but it will benefit you in the long run. Take extra steps to contact each one as much as you can. It gives them a feeling of importance and remembrance. Just a phone call or a text can make all the difference. One thing is sure is easier to build relationships but maintaining them is where the work is and it is in this stage you start seeing the gains of such relationships.
Also you can start now to rebuild bridges you peradventure have left to breakdown or done yourself. Spark up old memories and use it to your benefits. It really pays in the future.


Utilize your Influence

Now you are planning to start that business this is the time to leverage on what you have built for many years. Let them know you are starting a business, believe me majority of them will be happy to hear that. If you can give them rebate on a product, this way you would have many of them interested. They know they are gaining value for less the amount. This principle of building bridges will ensure you have a good start up in business while you still make new relationships and contacts. A relationship (bridge) consciously built can create opportunities for other bridges (relationships) to take root.


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Why Everyone Should and Can Write…

The art of writing is something almost everyone has come to do in their lifetime; is either you are writing a note in school, a phone number, a list for purchase and many others. It doesn’t take any ambiguous training or speciality to do. It just involves putting together words that will in turn pass across a message to the reader.

It is something everyone should cultivate an attitude for. Writing in all of its genre is a form self expression; in song writing, informative, fiction, inspirational and motivational. It helps to stimulate one’s thinking pattern and energies the mind to work more. When one writes you are creating your own philosophies, opinions and convictions about life. Anything you think out and put to paper sticks and becomes part of you. In as much as they are words, when you write one is at rest, and solemn so whatever you put down is assumed to have come out in your best state of mind .

Some people think is really difficult to write but they forget that it is like speaking, talking and voicing your mind but this time as logos . lf you can speak, or even speak better when you are grieved or angry, then you can also write.

In my own little experience I found out that writing is all about putting your thoughts, observation, knowledge and imagination to paper. If you can think it, observe it, know it and imagine it, then you can always write it.

The joy of writing is knowing that such words, statements and sentences haven’t been said or written anywhere. One is thrilled to know that his/her creation in writing is being read and appreciated. Also those who read your pieces and appreciate it will have their own conviction shaped too. What you read/write most of the time is what what you come to believe.

Spoken words can stand the moment they are uttered but written words will be preserved for generations to come. It is believed that the faintest writings are better than the sharpest brains. Every great piece is made for many generations.

So write!


It is the system of governance that makes use of regionalism, federating units, states and a neutral center to administer the work of government. The essence as always has been to create a form of autonomy between different regions and states.

It creates a competitive and balanced government that benefits both the regional and the central government. Federalism decentralizes power and shares it among smaller units of governance.

Based on the good book, Deut. 1:10-17 is a picture of what administering effective leadership by maximizing shared responsibilities should be. Moses recognized the increase in number and population of the Israelites i.e. complexity of behaviors among the people he is leading. Responsibilities will be more and it will be cumbersome for one person or a central government to administer alone.

Verse 13, you can see Moses telling the people to take wise men and understanding among their tribes to rule over them and they welcomed it (v.14). He made them heads and captains of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. They were now to hear causes among them and judge righteously. At the end he told them to bring the difficult cases to him.

This to me describes delegation and federalism. This time more leaders are chosen and a group of people given to them to rule. It removes the tension and strife that might occur at the central government. In it more progress is made and each leader tends to achieve more. They are able to administer and manage resources judiciously and efficiently.

Finally, in federalism if the regional government can’t handle some issues, programs and projects, the central government would intervene in such cases. Moses also charged his new leaders with this admonition. In it we achieve more with little success.



We shall overcome...! #BringBackOurGirls

We shall overcome…! #BringBackOurGirls

Oh my dear country Nigeria, why have you turned and going down this dreadful path, from whence hath thou fallen almost at a point of oblivion. The success of almost 54 years is almost crashing within just 3 years. Even the civil war couldn’t break us, why is this one now bringing us paralysed to our knees. Without doubt we are a great nation; in size we stand tall, in resources we are abundantly endowed, in personnel we always produce the finest of men and women, by all standards our potential are optimal enough to make us a world power. Instead we have been on a downward trend, stagnated by the making of our hands, we have over the years orchestrated our own failure. The very essence of life and existence, our leadership has failed us, so every other thing has no choice but to keep crashing. Poverty is on the increase, power is epileptic, the citizenry is confused, unemployment is most, crime is the order of the day, yet we have people who are suppose to be in control.

Over the years, we have had some rough times, the 1965 and 1966 pogrom that culminated into 30-month a civil war and after that we dusted ourselves and moved on as Nigerians. The death toll of those times went up to over 3 million people, yet we are still one as Nigerians. Other trying times have come and gone; 1993 election crises, the Niger Delta militancy and a lot more We have all lived and existed through them.

The most recent trial we are facing now is the Boko Haram menace that has lingered for 3 years now. Quite a number of reasons have been given for their terror but as it is right now, these people are killing senselessly with no reservation or even come out to state their grievances. In fact they have actually declared a war against the Nigerian government and the Nigerian people, so the government should see that way also. We are at war already. I wouldn’t want to believe that they are stronger than our entire military and security personnel or even over 170 million people. The government must at this time involve, import and maximize every tactic and techniques in fighting terrorism and security issues. If we have to involve foreign nations or mercenaries, then so we must. The government must act based on the words of the constitution that seeks to promote the good of government and welfare of all persons in our country. This is not time to play politics because if we are not careful, this crises will get to a point where people will now start relocating. Our territorial integrity is already threatened and this we must defend at all cost.

If these people are actually here then finding them shouldn’t be a problem. We can search them out and make them face the consequences of their actions. And if they are from foreign lands, we must make our stand known to these countries, even if it means showing the might of our military. Nigerians deserve peace and security in their land and no nation can deprive us that.

Finally, if the government really wants this nation to be one by next year, now is the time to act and end this madness. Every technology for combating terror must come to play here and everyone must be willing to cooperate.

May the souls of those lost in previous attacks rest in peace. They are the victims and heroes of this war we are fighting.



Everyone cannot have all they want separately but as a Nation we can move forward.

Everyone cannot have all they want separately but as a Nation we can move forward.

By Emeka D. Azubuike

Many at times when I sit and think about my Nation-our geographical location, size and population, diversity in culture and ethnicity and a whole lot, I wonder if these are blessings or curses for us. This year we as a Nation are still in the euphoria of the celebration of being united for a 100 years as a country or one Nigeria, the question people have been asking and pondering upon is if the amalgamation has actually been of great benefits or more losses as we try to evolve to a great, free, equitable and an egalitarian society.

The whole idea of Nationhood has different meanings to different people, but among the underlying characteristics of a Nation are these; shared vision that is bought into by every citizen, government or leaders that are mostly in agreement with its citizens and a free and egalitarian society where all are made to benefit. In one of his interviews, Emeka Ojukwu rightly and confidently stated that Nigeria as a country has never been a Nation where everyone is made to feel important. Obafemi Awolowo believed Nigeria was just a geographical location of diverse group of people. Nnamdi Azikiwe on his own part believed at independence that Nigeria became a Nation because after many years of British rule, the amalgamation in 1914, there was a general belief that the diverse groups that make up the Nigerian entity became a Nation at independence. Many more people have had a lot to say about the question of our Nationhood.

In this piece, I would like to draw your attention to a phenomenon because is already one, that every person, group has demonstrated and still do that really questions our true Nationhood. Coming from history lane, during the constitutional conferences leading to independence, Nigeria was offered independence before 1960, but due to the position of the North we didn’t have it then. Then the times between 1965 to1966 that culminated into our first coup d’etat, some group of army officers mostly of Ibo extraction decided to make history by making their voice heard in deciding the course of our history. Also barely 6 months later another group of Northern officers carried out a reprisal coup that yet again brought people who felt they could chart another history for Nigeria. The months that followed was characterised by the pogrom of Ibos all over the North. Even though that was condemned by many, it yet brought an opportunity for another group (Eastern region) to move for a secession and divide the supposed Nigerian nation. After a bloody 30 month war, we still remain the country Nigeria but not sure if as a Nation.

Nigeria I can say confidently is not a Nation as of today when we are celebrating our centenary rather she is just made up of groups, tribes or even nations seeking for the good of the groups where they belong. The percentage of people who would truly answer first as Nigerians today is low rather what we have in abundance are persons of selfish gain who don’t care about the well being of another citizen who might be from another group. If it is not the Ijaws and Niger Deltans today who lay claim to the oil wealth, it would be the North who believe so much in their size and population or the Ohaneze Ndigbo, or Afenifere and so many other groups that just want a share of the national cake. Nationhood would continue to elude us until we come to the realization that everyone is a major stakeholder in the story called Nigeria and how this story turns out depends on us all.

Every group with their respective visions, goals and grievances must come together to develop an ideal Nigerian Dream. Like I will always say since we can’t divide into 250 Nations, we must then work to build one, true, prosperous and united Nigeria. Our diversity shouldn’t turn out a curse but rather a blessing. It should propel us all to rub minds and reach a good and reasonable conclusion not to be in disagreement.

We cannot all have stakes for all the ethnic groups separately but we can surely have a stake called the Nigerian stake for everyone’s benefit.

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Thanks and God bless.


Our Heroes Past…

By Adunbi Moses

One man wakes up with a dream to orchestrate n put change in place,

He finds a way to actualize his dreams because of his connections,

Before long He acquires loads of backings due to some well combined words of wisdom,

His fan base begins to grow tremendously because he seems to have d people’s well being at heart,

The worse comes to worse, blood is spilled and blood is shed while lives are lost but should there always be bloodshed to bring a positive change? I ask,

Next thing we know, the struggle is over,

Crimes covered and bottled up in the shadows of history where no one can find it, is this the meaning of transparency or just mirage of reality?

Lives lost and buried massively deep into d soil of the same struggling lands, who is to take responsibilities for these ones?

He comes into power as a leader who should b immortalized and remembered for life. He becomes the talk of history, the one who single handedly brought freedom for his people. An international HERO indeed, at least that’s what the media has to feed the masses with,

I dare to ask the question on everyone’s lips but don’t have the guts to actually speak those words, who is the true HERO?

Is it the great man in the giant picture or those unknown names that died for the struggle?

Is it he who organized the press conference and spoke to masses or He who stood behind the scenes right before his crucifixionist refusing arrest screaming “I know my rights and what I

Stand for.” while He is being battered and locked to rot away?

Is it d man of d century or He who left behind a host of responsibilities for his family to carry?

Is it the almighty HERO or that man/that woman whose voices where heard resonating the entire vicinity chanting freedom songs while the so called HERO basking in the luxury of his offices?

Is it the voice of the HERO that should be heard or that of innocent mothers who lost their flesh

And blood at the hands of inhumanity?

Is it the sweat of the HERO which was constantly wiped off by handkerchiefs that should count or that of those teenagers, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers that quenched the thirst of d soil of their struggle?

Who is THE true HERO?

I know they say “The end justifies the means.” but then again what truly recognizes the hard work of the pawn after winning a chess game? The “means” is just as important as the “end” but what is most important is those little details within the “means”.

For the betterment of our tomorrow, we had better started honoring those who were front lined, sacrificial lambs, those who met with untimely death because those are the true HEROES of any struggle.

So you want a Revolution,eh?

By Pst. Abraham Olawunmi

I have a burden for change in Nigeria. After all, I am a dealer in making change happen; I am a minister of the Gospel! So much thought and talk has been given to an impending revolution, one that would root out the cancerous leadership we have. I am not one given to popular opinion, but to truth. Every failure is an alibi artist; always looking for someone or something to blame for their inability to perform. That’s the case with the Nigerian debacle. Leadership is just a fragment of the bane of Nigeria; the unpatriotic citizenry are the architects of the Nigeria of today! After all, Leaders are chosen from the people.

Leadership is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmos of the larger society. Back to the issue of revolution. It’s obvious that those clamoring for revolution haven’t been serious students of history. No bloody revolution has ever moved the country forward. The Russians once thought their monarchy was their challenge, they killed them and the leaders of that revolution became the leaders of Russia. Time proved that Leninism was a farce and that the economy will be built by committed citizens. They same story is true with Hitler’s Germany. No bloody revolution has moved a country forward. By the way, If we eventually annihilate the ruling class, it will result in the, ‘cutting grass’ effect; the problem ceases for a while, only to reappear for a while because the roots haven’t been dealt with. The youths of today are terribly incompetent to move this country forward. Does Nigeria need a revolution? Of course, yes! But, what kind? Nigeria needs a mental revolution! The educational system is the key to Nigeria’s success. In presenting the keys to the lecture theatre he built, Pastor and life coach, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, PhD, made this insightful comment, “… The problem is not the
management of our natural resources, but managing the potentials locked up in the minds of our teaming youths, whose education cannot be separated from the aspiration of the country..” Purposeful education is the way out. An education engineered by the need for development, not as a fad or fashion. Education that would inspire integrity, a high sense of morality, responsibility and continuous capacity building, supported with the underpinnings of possibility thinking! I salute Dr. David Oyedepo for thinking in this line when he set up Covenant University, a school I will forever be proud to be an alumnus of.

Change, would only come from within us. I, for one, is ready to make that change happen. Leadership isn’t about magically solving problems, it’s about inspiring people to solve problems. It’s time for our young men to see value in adding positive value to society, by way of legitimate labour! The change begins with you! #TheVision #Pleroma


Writers needed…

Eureka magazine is in need of writers for its online publications. The magazine has a vision to provide information needed for personal development.

It also committed to answering questions that bother on nation building and development.

Writers are therefore needed in these areas-Politics/Leadership,Youth governance, Health,Sports,Business,Education… Information in these areas can be conveyed through any available medium ranging from print, audio and video.

Entries are open from now till 14th of November 2013.

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Emeka D. Azubuike


The IBB in GEJ…

Nigeria is indeed a where impossibilities happen, a land where statesmen are abused and they turn out to be the hero at the end of the tunnel. I can’t stop but marvel at the way Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has fared as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. From the election campaigns to his re-election as President in 2011, to the 2012 occupy Nigeria Riot that almost resulted in a revolution, the fuel subsidy probe report. The power sector reforms, now the ASUU strike. He has proved to be a man who indeed was handpicked by statesmen to do the job, one who perhaps signs an agreement with the WHO is WHO in the politics of Nigeria.

After the purported rumor that Sule Lamido was being earmarked as president in 2015 with Amaechi as running mate, with the advert on AIT of his achievements, the Nigerian Governor’s Forum Saga where Jonah Jang faction and Amaechi’s faction nearly caused a stalement in the National Assembly and the State Assembly of Rivers State, one can say that the North were in fact of the National Assembly while the South had Rivers State to hassle out with. So you can say this is a war between oil and the wind or North and South or Niger Delta and the rest of Nigeria. But when will it end?

As we approach the centenary celebration of a region called Nigeria, in the words of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, “I am ready to go back in uniform for the safety and unity of Nigeria” on quote (National War College).

Just recently Goodluck Ebele Jonathan reshuffled his cabinet, promoted WIKE his fellow Niger Delta and the fighter of Amaechi. Removed or sacked Mrs. Ruqqatu Rufai, the Education minister from Jigawa State (the same state as Sule Laimdo). GEJ has indeed played like MEN; he has proved to be a man who rose on the ranks of Civil Service and an astute lecturer. Let us say that the ASUU strike is drawing near since Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswan is in charge of that thereby paralyzing the ambitions of Senator David Mark.

God Bless Nigeria!